Augustinum residence for senior citizens.
Augustinum residence for senior citizens.
GEZE Slimdrive SL NT drive units
Draught lobby in the entrance area: Automatic barrier-free designer glass sliding doors with GEZE Slimdrive SL NT drive units.
Automatic barrier-free facade swing door with Slimdrive EMD drive
Access to the exterior buildings via the thoroughfare: Automatic barrier-free facade swing door with Slimdrive EMD drive versions
Two double-leaf glass swing door systems
Restaurant accesses from the thoroughfare: Two double-leaf glass swing door systems in the fire and smoke version. A motion sensor enables them to open automatically.
Automatic barrier-free designer glass sliding doors
Generous barrier-free access from the bar-lounge area: After the restaurant closes the double leaf door systems can be shut with a simple action.
Double-leaf swing doors fitted with TS 5000 R-ISM EFS door closers
Access to the large theatre:Double-leaf swing doors fitted with TS 5000 R-ISM EFS door closers for barrier-free and convenient access with "free swing" function.
ECdrive door drive
Access to the kitchen: Automatic barrier-free linear sliding door with ECdrive door drive for numerous motion cycles.
Automatic swing doors with TSA 160 NT-F and TSA 160 NT-F-IS/TS drives
Access from the underground garage to the living areas: Automatic swing doors with TSA 160 NT-F and TSA 160 NT-F-IS/TS drives with fire prevention function. Switched to the TZ 320.
The manual sliding wall system with mobile glass sliding elements
Flexible use, for example, as a kiosk on the ground floor: The manual sliding wall system with mobile glass sliding elements.

Modern, quality living for pensioners

The Augustinum nursing home in Stuttgart-Killesberg was given its role as one of the most modern and discerning residences for pensioners offering assisted, yet independent living in November 2009. The design by the Stuttgart-based architects 'Wulf und Partner' resulted in a building complex with four six and seven floor twin towers with an overall floor space of around 35,000 square metres, of this 23,000 square metres of living space for 290 apartments. The buildings on the site of the former Stuttgart trade centre are surrounded by a 16,000 square metre park. The brightness, transparency and first-class materials used mean that the architecture of the "newest" Augustinum has clear forms and is classically modern.

GEZE with their innovative door, window and safety technology, have contributed towards the wide range of high expectations that the new construction had in terms of security, barrier-free access, access comfort, fire prevention and design whilst supporting the architecture of this futuristic building complex.

High ease of access, barrier-free access and security

An inviting atmosphere is generated by the automatic barrier-free designer glass sliding doors that open up into the transparent entrance area, foyer and the connecting thoroughfare. Finely framed and filigree, the glass sliding doors are moved using the slim Slimdrive SL NT drive units. The optics determine the technology used by the door systems. The GEZE Slimdrive drives are the only drives on the market to be just 70 millimetres in height and blend decently into the glass facade design.

The exterior systems can be reached from the thoroughfare via automatic facade swing doors. The Slimdrive EMD drive version means that they are moved gently, and almost soundlessly. Here again, barrier-free functionality, flexibility of use and design are of primary importance. The Slimdrive EMD has been developed especially for access through swing doors when manual activation of the doors is too complex or difficult or is to be implemented with very little application of force. Thanks to the "70 mm optics" and the guide rail technology, the Slimdrive EMD drive is particularly suited for use with slim door profiles and when space is at a premium. The door opens when activated and closes automatically thanks to a movement detector. The "Push&Go" function can be activated and deactivated, and enables the door drive to be controlled simply by briefly tapping the door leaf. In addition, the "Servo mode" can also be activated. In the event of manual opening, the control sensor recognises the approach of a hand. The opening motor is started and ensures that the door is easily accessed in both directions with very little effort. A programme selection switch can be used to hold the door open permanently. All parameters such as the opening and closing speed, end stop, obstacle recognition or hold open times can be adapted optimally to suit the utilisation of the building.

"Open sesame" access to the restaurant

Two double-leaf glass swing door systems in the fire and smoke version lead from the thoroughfare into the restaurant. A movement detector enables them to open automatically. The TSA 160 NT-F-IS and NT-F-IS/TS fire and smoke versions of the TSA swing door drive range makes this possible. The moving leaf is fitted with an automatic function, the fixed leaf has a door closing function and the permanently open setting. A programme switch can be used to ensure that both are held permanently open.

Closing as if by magic

Direct access from the bar-lounge area into the restaurant is via three further generous double-leaf door systems that are held open. After the restaurant closes they can be shut with a simple action. The barrier-free accessed escape and rescue route doors are secured with door closers of type TS 5000 R-ISM with hold open systems and integrated smoke switches. In the event of fire, the system automaticallys trigger the electro-mechanical hold open function so that the door closes as if by magic and neither fire nor smoke are able to spread. Otherwise, the hold open function of the door can be implemented continuously between 80° and 130°, the hold open position can be further exceeded and ensures the greatest possible opening of the door leaf in the event of danger. The integrated closing sequence regulation is ensured at all times meaning that both leaves close perfectly after use, for example, by a person leaving, and the door continues to fulfil its function as a fire door.

Security and fire protection regulations are met perfectly at all of the 123 floor end and staircase doors. The barrier-free accessible single and double leaf escape route and fire doors of the complex are, like the restaurant doors, secured with TS 5000 R or TS 5000 R-ISM door closers.

Fire protection in escape and rescue routes

The rapid development of building services has increased the demands made of fire prevention which is necessary for the safety of people with less physical strength and limited mobility. The top priority when it comes to a fire is to prevent smoke forming in the escape and rescue routes so that people are able to get to safety themselves or be taken to safety by others. This task is fulfilled by a well-thought-out smoke and heat extraction system (RWA) with lamellar windows as the opening elements driven by the appropriate RWA motors. The RWA has a dual function: The air-moving power enables it to reliably and safely remove smoke from the thoroughfare and restaurant in the event of a fire and, as a welcome side-effect, also implements daily ventilation.

The MBZ 300 RWA bus central control unit from GEZE acts as central control unit for supply, coordination and monitoring of all connected opening systems and components, both for daily ventilation and in the event of a fire. The MBZ 300 can also be used for controlled ventilation and to get fresh air into the building.

"Free swing" doors open with little effort

In the larger theatre which seats 200 people, the double-leaf swing doors fitted with TS 5000 R-ISM EFS door closers ensures barrier-free and easy access.  This fire door version has an addition "free swing" function This enables people to go through the moving leaf by applying very little in the way of physical force in the opening or closing direction once the door has been opened once, i.e. in the morning to around 90°. This means that the residents and users are always able to open and close the doors themselves with little effort.

Well considered door technology and safety in all areas

Even at the sensitive rubbish storage areas, high demands have been placed on fire prevention and ease of access: The single leaf wooden doors are fitted with TS 5000 RFS door closers with the "free swing" function that also does it job well here. It makes it easy to go through the door whilst carrying rubbish sacks or to manoeuvre transport carts. In the event of fire, the door will close of its own accord.

The generous underground garage and staircase core with lift systems allow residents, visitors and staff barrier-free access to the various sections of the building and to the residential towers. Here, automatic swing doors with the TSA 160 NT-F and TSA 160 NT-F-IS/TS drive versions have been implemented and these fulfil the fire requirements of this escape route section. The systematic character of the GEZE safety solutions can be seen in the switching of swing door systems to the new GEZE door control unit TZ 320. It enables authorised persons access to the doors and releases escape and rescue routes in the event of an emergency. This is carried out with the  red lit emergency button. The wide operable palm button can be quickly and safely triggered by anybody at any time, even in the event of panic. With the assistance of the SecuLogic TE 220 control panel unit at reception the building operator has a complete overview of all secured emergency doors at any time and is able to control them individually and release them centrally in the event of danger.

In the kitchens, located between the service floor and the restaurant, the focus is on being fast, reliable and economical. For this reason, automatic linear sliding doors have been installed along with the reliable ECdrive door drive. ECdrive manages numerous motion cycles with constantly high barrier-free access.

Glass sliding walls can be opened and "parked"

Perfectly designed and flexible in use, for example, for a transparent kiosk on the ground floor, the manual sliding wall system with mobile glass sliding elements. Six glass elements and a swing door with a floor spring door closer result in a shop front of almost seven metres in length. The glass elements can be simply and space-savingly "parked" without limiting the sales space and thus the ease of shopping of the residents. A forced curve system of guide rails means that the glass elements can be moved quickly, elegantly and with little effort. Floor-mounted locks can be operated elegantly with the toe without needing to bend over. The occasional-use swing door can be used to enter the kiosk when the sliding wall system is closed.