GEZE - Perlan with IGG, Kreishaus, Offenbach
Perlan with IGG
GEZE - Slimdrive SD-IS power, circuit house, Offenbach
Slimdrive SD-IS Servo
GEZE - Perlan with IGG, Circle House, Offenbach
Perlan with IGG
GEZE - Slimdrive SD IS TS, circle house, Offenbach
Slimdrive SD-IS TS

GEZE IGG and Perlan in perfect combination

Architecture office: pbs architekten, Aachen

The new administration building of the Offenbach District Council has been designed in a transparent and citizen-friendly style; at the same time, however, kept simple and clearly arranged. 520 offices, with almost the same measurements equipped with modern workplace technology and practical standard furnishings guarantee efficient management procedures. The requirement for suitable waiting areas as well as the desire for a citizens’ office in the foyer have been fulfilled. The generously dimensioned entrance is also used for exhibitions.

GEZE products give a modern effect and utilise the transparency of glass. The doors in the foyer are constructed of the GEZE all-glass system IGG. Manual sliding doors to the offices were equipped with the GEZE sliding mechanism Perlan 120 and also equipped with the IGG system. Double-leaf hinged doors are easily opened by the servo-assisted automatic drive Slimdrive SD-IS Servo.