GEZE - Slimdrive SL drive with IGG in Hospital
Slimdrive SL with IGG
GEZE - automatic sliding door drive Slimdrive SL in Hospital
Slimdrive SL with IGG

Filigrees at the entrance

Architecture office: Mario Friedrich, Mainz

The Sonnenwende Clinic, a hospital specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy, is located in one of the mildest climatic zones north of the Alps. Nestling between the Palatinate Nature Park and the vineyards of the German Wine Route, the clinic stands on a hill above the town.

The clinic represents many years of responsible and advanced service in health care. After renovating the entrance area the clinic is now architecturally and security-wise once more up to date. GEZE has equipped the building with a very special door system. The automatic sliding door drive Slimdrive SL controls a door which consists of the GEZE IGG all-glass system. An unusual screen print on the glass provides the foyer with filigree and lightness. The wind screen at the entrance, equipped with two combined sliding doors and Slimdrive SL-FR drive as well as similarly IGG glazing, keeps out unwanted draughts.