TS 5000 ISM

Hold-open magnet wall installation flush-mounted * For wall installation flush-mounted

Hold-open magnet flush mounting Hold-open magnet flush mounting
  • High retention force of 490N
  • Concealed line-feed and robust design
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Application Areas

  • Use for hold-open angles up to 180°, ideal for exact holding open
  • Use in harsh environments such as industrial buildings
  • Places of public assembly and highly frequented sports venues
  • Approved for GEZE hold-open systems
  • Wall mounting
  • Flush-mounted installation

Technical data

Hold-open magnet wall installation flush-mounted
Dimensions 85 x 85 x 30 mm
IP rating IP65 Magnet; IP20 connection
Type of installation Flush-mounted installation
Line-feed Back side
Area of application Inside

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