Wireless programme

WTH * Remote control for activating GEZE automatic doors and window drives via the GEZE wireless programme

WTH-4 remote control Activation device
  • Combined activation of doors and windows using a remote control
  • Encrypted communication via rolling code with up to 74 trillion code combinations
  • Custom and reliable teach-in to exclude unauthorised activation
  • Available in 1, 2, or 4 channel versions
  • Doors can be controlled over great distances even through walls
  • With two outputs to which individual receiving modules can be taught in
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  • Integrated dip switch for selecting different modes of operation, e.g. press the button briefly for “open door” and press button longer for “hold door open”
  • LED function indicator for battery and transmission check
  • Radio range up to 30 m inside the building
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Application Areas

  • Activation of GEZE automatic doors and window drives via the GEZE wireless program
  • Activation of smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Components can be activated wirelessly in a system concept individually, together, or in groups

Technical data

Dimensions 78 x 51 x 15 mm
Operating current 45 mA
IP rating IP54
Type of installation Wall
Transmission frequency 433.93 Mhz
Service temperature 0 - 50 °C

Variants & Accessories


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