Acoustic partition walls

GEZE Slifold Transwall * Manual and semi-automated glass partition wall system with a panel height of up to 3.5 m and a max. sound insulation of Rw=50 dB(A)

GEZE Slifold Transwall Halbautomatische Schiebetrennwand
  • The horizontal sealing profiles are operated automatically
  • Panels are moved manually in the track
  • System components comprise the base panel, telescopic panel, sliding panel and sliding panel with integrated door leaf
  • Panel design: double glazing up to max. 3.5 m panel height and max. Rw=50 dB(A)
  • Panel thickness dependent on sound insulation value between 80 - 100 mm
  • Track rollers move in a track integrated in the ceiling
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  • Anodised ceiling track with sealing-off corresponding to the sound insulation value
  • Vertical profiles of the panels are made of aluminium, anodised finish
  • No floor guides necessary
  • Stacking area possible inside and outside the partition wall axis
  • Optional with sliding swing door
  • Retractable acoustic seals on top and bottom
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Application Areas

  • Individual space solutions
  • Building-specific partition wall solutions
  • Innovative space concepts
  • Moveable acoustic partition walls
  • Inside

Technical data

GEZE Slifold Transwall
Frameless No
Indoor use Yes
Outdoor use No
Leaf width (min.) 600 mm
Leaf width (max.) 1220 cm
Glass thickness 8 - 10 mm
Stacking area layout Semi-automatic, Linear, Manual
Fully automatic operation No
Manual operation Yes
Semi-automated operation Yes
Optional floor guide No
Top and bottom sealing brushes Yes
Retractable seal Yes


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