Monte Carlo Casino in the Principality of Monaco. Entrances to the "Salle Blanche": Automatic all-glass circular sliding doors with glass roof as emergency exit doors with GEZE Slimdrive SCR-FR drive systems. Responsible for the redesign and modernisation measures: NOTARI Architectes, Monaco.

Completely transparent: automatic all-glass circular sliding doors in the Monte Carlo Casino

GEZE automatic sliding door systems blend into any architecture. This is shown through the all-glass circular sliding doors of the Slimdrive SCR series in the most beautiful and exclusive casino in the world, the Monte Carlo Casino in the Principality of Monaco.

No other than Charles Garnier, the man who also created the legendary Paris (“Garnier”) Opera House, is the architect of this casino, officially opened in 1856. Frescoes inspired by Rococo painting, bas-reliefs, sculptures and caryatids, an atrium of marble and gold – the opulent belle époque-architecture of the 19th century gives the casino a ceremonious setting, reminiscent of an operetta. This was the ambience where two new entrances to one of the jewels of the casino, the "Salle Blanche, had to be integrated. Designed in 1903 as a conversation parlour by the belle époque architect Henri Schmit, who was no less well-known, the Salle Blanche now serves as a dining room.

The two GEZE all-glass circular sliding doors with a glass roof combine opulent belle époque décor with state-of-the-art automatic doors and glass aesthetics. Completely transparent, they allow the maximum use of daylight, are refined and elegant, and discrete. It has been possible to greatly increase the space of passage with these special designs – irrespective of the small external dimensions. The powerful Slimdrive drive systems open and close the rounded glass leaves with tactful ease and provide barrier-free access for convenience. They are optimally equipped for the constant passage of the casino guests and participants in the guided tours.

Perfect harmony: minimalist design in belle époque décor

The minimalist all-glass fittings are fixed to the roller carriages of the curved Slimdrive drives. The glass elements are held securely. Here, the appearance determines the technology: the pre-fabricated Slimdrive SCR drive units are very slim, with a drive height of only seven centimetres. They house the complete drive technology and are fitted to be self-standing. Gold-coloured and satin-finished, the anodised aluminium drive canopies harmonise with the gold décor in the room. The circular sliding doors are continued in the lobby outside the Salle Blanche as two double-leaf door systems at the entrances and, as a whole, form circular draught lobbies.

As emergency exit doors, the circular sliding doors were equipped with the special FR drive versions of the Slimdrive series. This means that they open safely even in the case of danger or a power failure. The doors can also be individually operated using a switch in the bar area. GEZE Slimdrive SCR-FR drive systems are type-tested and certified in accordance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005. They correspond to the French regulations for emergency exits in the version CO48.