GEZE Industrie- und Schwerlastschiebetüren

GEZE industrial heavy duty sliding door systems

GEZE sliding door systems for industrial and heavy duty doors

Sliding doors have been proving their worth in industrial applications for decades. The light and easy movement of particularly large and heavy door leaves is a focus. The Apoll roller sliding door fitting system is well suited for use with particularly heavy door or gates and applications in the industrial sector. The traditional ball bearing based sliding fitting Perkeo is particularly suited to transport vehicle, passenger aircraft and ship construction and is precise with a high payload.

Sliding door systems


Perkeo /
Perkeo 75

Area of application

Heavy duty doors

Industrial doors

Door material

Wood, plastic, metal, glass

Wood, plastic, metal, glass

Door weight [kg]


360 / 250

Corrosion protection



Fixing / Mounting

Wall, ceiling, console

Wall, ceiling

Type of door    

Single/multi leaf, Folding/Harmonic doors

Single/multi leaf, synchronous

    yes       no       optional