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29.10.14 Double recognition for GEZE as a designer brand

Double honours in design: The jury of the Plus X Award, the world's greatest prize for technological innovation, awarded GEZE a speci

28.10.14 Burglar resistance on automatic designer doors

The dark months – an easier ride for burglars? Sleek yet robust: burglar resistance on automatic designer doors – in accordance with

07.10.14 GEZE's system solutions combine various safety, functionality and convenience demands in one system

Preventive fire protection, controlled access or safe emergency exit routes: In order to guarantee safety at all times in buildings t

SIMPLY SIMPLE - The new GEZE window drives
GEZE has revised its portfolio for automatic window solutions, making it easier to choose the right RWA drive. Have a look at our new GEZE microsite!
GEZE – a clear line
With our new GEZE image film we would like to take you to the international world of GEZE – we hope you enjoy watching it!
What's new in the world of GEZE? Latest news about our products you will find in our monthly GEZE newsletter. Enjoy reading!
The new automatic swing door system ECturn Inside
High-class swing doors can now be invisibly automated with ECturn Inside.